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C+G Picks: The Best Iftar in Lahore

It’s that time of the year when maghrib time in Lahore marks the most important meal of the day. I’m all for at home iftaris but sometimes, especially nearing the end of Ramzan, it’s hard to be bothered. Iftaris at restaurants is a tempting option, especially with all the exciting Ramadan deals and discounts on offer. Food forums have already become inundated with people asking for iftar recommendations and trying to figure out where the best iftari in Lahore is. Does the search for the best iftar in Lahore have you running around in circles?


There isn’t a right answer, there are several:

Slate Eatery

This brand new up-and-coming restaurant in Phase 6 has garnered quite a loyal clientele in a rather brief span of time. No surprise, considering their bright and light salads, delicious authentic pizzas, and innovative desserts. The experimental iftari platter includes items such as ‘chaat-tart’, their ‘banoffee pie sundae’, and a ‘pulled bbq beef panini’ featuring freshly baked bread which is made in-house. Ordering off of the main menu for iftar? Try the pizza.

Slate Eatery Iftari
Café Aylanto

If you’re looking for a quality experience with zero margins for error, Cafe Aylanto will never let you down. It’s considered the gold-standard for fine-dining in Lahore for a reason. This Ramzan, try out their Iftar Buffet, which also features an iftari platter unlike any in the city. Of course, Cafe Aylanto is too bougie to mention the per head charges, but does that even matter when you’re guaranteed a faultless experience? Don’t forget to pre-book though.

Cafe Aylanto Iftari
Café Zouk

More than just a restaurant, Cafe Zouk is a landmark on the famed food street of M. M. Alam Road. The eatery is known for its old-school vibe, eclectic interior, and a seemingly unending menu. Over the years they seem to have perfected the noble art of assembling a perfect iftar platter. A three-tiered wonderwall of golden-fried, carb-loaded perfection awaits you, along with one of their million entrees and a bread and butter pudding. Ramzan Mubarak Indeed.

Cafe Zouk Iftari

Dock 27 is the most exciting new restaurant to have sprung up in Phase 5 in a while. The interiors have been outfitted to resemble the inside of a ship and the menu is in harmony with the overall concept. Their Iftar Dinner offers up a variety of cuisines and a portion of proceeds go towards feeding the underprivileged this Ramzan. Not only is this initiative worth applauding, but their food and swift service also make every dining experience a true pleasure.

Dock27 Iftari
The Burning Giraffe

Arguably the first concept-restaurant in the city, The Burning Giraffe in Mall 94 previously earned a rave-review from Charcoal + Gravel. And for good reason. The narrow eatery features a narrow menu of nothing but quality food. Their Iftar offerings are no different. The only problem I can anticipate here would be snagging a seat so it would serve you well to pre-book. And if you can’t make it to iftar, don’t fret. Their Sehri is equally enticing.

TBG Iftari
Did we miss out your favorite? Let us know which restaurant in town is your pick for the best iftari in Lahore.

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