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cal - California Pizza: The Case for Ranch Sauce

California Pizza: The Case for Ranch Sauce

We parked in front of California Pizza, our windscreen reflecting the green and red sign of the Pizza parlor, its neon green capsicum radiating in the night time. We shuffled out and moved towards the pizza place, located in Defence Sea View. Upon entering the place, I felt instantly enamored with the appetizing aroma of freshly baked dough. I had been craving pizza for a while now, and I was certain this would hit the sweet spot.

California Craving

I looked around the bright place themed in green and white, with a salad bar in the corner. The place looked as good as it smelled.  We quickly scanned through the menu card and ordered a large ranch pizza. My stomach grumbled and growled, with anticipation. My husband started at me, with concern.


Unlike other pizzerias, California Pizza’s large pizza is 14” inches in size. They have a size bigger than large called “jumbo” which is 16” inches. Our 14 inches of ranch goodness arrived in 20 minutes flat. Flat, crisp and golden, the crust looked as delectable as its juicy tomato sauce, layered under a piquant blend of chicken and olives, with mozzarella cheese still bubbling hot. The cheese pull took my breath away. I sprinkled some red pepper over my slice and began to indulge.

The Ranch dressing was like no other; it was the creamiest blend, with a tangy kick to it. While the flavors blended and melted in my mouth, I thought I could never have enough of this splendid Italian Pie. The best part about this new flavor was that it had a generous amount of green and red jalapeños, which is my favorite topping! Other toppings included black olives, chicken fajita, mushrooms, and onions. I was already hooked to the flavor and made a mental note to tell literally everyone about it.



California Pizza has several flavor options, the top-notch ingredients make their pies rich in flavor. They also offer other Italian dishes, like lasagna and portions of pasta. They also have a section for desserts and beverages on their menu. We ate to our heart’s content and ordered another pizza, to-go. I promised myself to come back again to have the Ranch Pizza. Again.