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cafe clifton feature - Cafe Clifton: Not One for a Static View

Cafe Clifton: Not One for a Static View

Cafe Clifton occupies a very poignant spot in my life as a Karachiite. It is located at the edge of Khayaban e Shamsheer at a short and leisurely walk from Sea View. It has indoor and outdoor seating available, however, I have always preferred sitting outside and enjoying the salty sea breeze. Countless times, while deciding on a brunch spot, my friends and I find ourselves at Café Clifton. It’s hard being broke and picky, so Cafe Clifton presents itself as the most suitable option.

A Truly Karachi Brunch

For breakfast, they have the typical halwa, puri, chai, parathay, aaloo cholay and the delicious addition of their authentic pathani kehwa. No matter how you say it, the waiter will always correct your pronunciation of kehwa. The food is not only delicious but also extremely affordable. Lacheydaar desi ghee parathay and delicious creamy elaichi chai, top that off with the sea breeze and what you have is a killer breakfast combo. Shaded by the buildings, the sidewalk is a great place to sit in peace and have delicious food with your friends on a Sunday morning. I will always have vivid positive memories associated with that place no matter how far away from Karachi I go.



Lunch & Dinner Too

For lunch and dinner, they have a variety of desi dishes to satiate your taste buds. Chicken Masala, Aloo Gobi, Bhindi, Bengan, Chanay ki Daal, Daal Maash, Qorma and a few other statement curries for a Pakistani palate, served with piping hot naan and chappatis. The Chicken Masala is a great variation of boneless achari chicken karahi. The addition of crispy onions with lemon gives it a rich and tangy flavor while coriander and green chilies add freshness. The daal mash and chanay ki daal at Cafe Clifton are brilliant and taste significantly more remarkable than the daal served in similar eateries. While I tend to stay far away from vegetable, their aloo gobi deserves a special mention for how amazing it is.


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Countless Views

Waiters; running about, carrying steel plates full of cheap food, dripping oil and splashing spice as they rapidly move from one table to another. Customers; representing all sorts of demographics, kids meeting friends for breakfast, middle-aged men deciding to go on a cheat day right after a run across the road, hard-working laborers diving into the food. Café Clifton will always be a beautiful place for food, good conversation, and gorgeous views.