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C+ G Guide: International Museum Day

The 18th of May is celebrated as International Museum Day across the globe. Lahore and Karachi are two major cities of Pakistan and can be considered the cultural capital in their specific provinces. Both cities offer their denizen the opportunities to access historical memorabilia, both through formal institutions and privately held collections.

We’ve put together a handy list that will allow you to spend your day exploring these various destinations for a peek back in time.

Flagstaff House

Flagstaff House was the last residence of the founder of Pakistan. The colonial yellow-stone building doubles as the Quaid-e-Azam Museum now. A tour guide will direct your experience, offering historical insights and anecdotes.



The magnificent white marble tomb can be seen from multiple vantage points across the city. Within it lies a museum which is a treasure trove that displays the personal possessions of the founders of our nation.


TDF Ghar

Hajiani Hanifa Bai’s 1930s home retains its heritage and architectural features but has been transformed into a public space that reflects the spirit of the old cosmopolitan city. TDF Ghar is a house of stories and history.

TDF Ghar Karachi Charcoal+Gravel

Lahore Museum

An afternoon in the Lahore Museum can be an aesthetically refreshing experience as it is hard to observe the confluence of the histories and cultures preserved there in other parts of Lahore.

Lahore Museum

Pakistan Army Museum

The Pakistan Army Museum in Lahore offers multi-sensory experiences for visitors. There are different exhibits around it: “1947”, “Global Peacekeeping”, “Pakistan and Kashmir”, “Fight Against Terrorism” and more.

Army Museum

Fakir Khana Museum

The ancestral haveli of the Faqir Family, Faqir Khana Museum, is the largest privately owned collection in South Asia. The artifacts are curated with love and displayed with pride.

Fakir Khana
So where do you think you’ll be heading to celebrate International Museum Day?
Whether you’re in Lahore or Karachi, the city is full of opportunities.

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