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burridos feature 1 - Burridos: Tex-Mex for the Pakistani Palate

Burridos: Tex-Mex for the Pakistani Palate

Amidst the several food joints that populate Bukhari commercial is this great place for burritos of all kinds: Burridos. I am generally not a big fan of Mexican food because I can never seem to handle the spice without my eyes watering and my nose sniffling. However, the variety available at Burridos makes it possible for me to enjoy their food. It is Mexican food made palatable for a Pakistani foodie in the best way possible.


The Burridos Experience

Burridos has a small and surprisingly customizable menu. The aesthetic and ambiance is light and a little tropical thanks to the shades of greens incorporated into the decor. They share this space with Bond Street Waffles, so you have the option of grabbing dessert immediately after a satisfying meal.

On my debut visit there I ordered The Burgeritto and Burridos Original. The former was strips of fried chicken, french fries, lettuce and different types of sauces wrapped up in a tortilla. The wrap was nicely toasted and each individual item inside was absolutely delicious. One would imagine that the slightly soggy fries would make it unappetizing, however, the entire mix of flavors tasted impeccably delicious.


How I Like Mine

The Burridos’ Original was a mix of beans, meat and a few staple vegetables with a great combination of sauces. The best part was that the caloric values of each menu item were mentioned which really helps if you’re trying to count your calories. I also tried their mint lemonade which was quite refreshing and paired well with the burritos. The customer service was great too, the waiters were polite enough to talk me through the menu and showed patience with my questions.


In a Nutshell

All in all, Burridos is definitely a place you want to check out for a desi rendition of Tex-Mex.

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