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Burger Lab Quadra Reloaded Burger Lahore

Burger Lab Lahore: Quadra Reloaded Burger- Beefy Madness

It seems like Immad’s videolog burger spree has rubbed off on the rest of the team. After a delayed onset, Purnea and I began ordering some pretty wacky, beefy sh*t to the office. The Burger Lab Lahore Quadra Reloaded Burger was a mind-bogglingly, jaw-stoppingly, funky fresh pick. Let’s sauce you up then.


It started with a bit of scouting on Foodpanda on an uncharacteristically quiet Saturday at the office. We narrowed the burger options down to Big Moe’s, The Shack, and Burger Lab.


We then chose to research further; Facebook pages were stalked, and customer reviews were laughed at. It was a forty minute process- before we ordered.


Purnea wanted the Lab’s Original, which is basically a single patty burger with jalapenos, lettuce, cheese, and Lab’s special fiery hot sauce. I wanted the Quadra Reloaded burger and thought the Lab’s Original was a cop out. Very soon, and unsurprisingly, we had ordered two Quadra Reloaded burgers with the works. All in an hour’s work of peer pressure. She would thank me later.

Quadra Reloaded Burger Burger Lab Lahore
Proof in case you haters hate.

So what’s the Quadra Reloaded burger all about?


Burger Lab Quadra Reloaded Burger Lahore
We’re talking about a heart attack in a box, plain and simple.


With four smashed beef patties stacked onto each other and topped with four slices of cheese, crispy onion rings, sauteed mushrooms, and BBQ sauce all contained between two buns, I knew this would be an Instagrammable sight. I later Instagrammed this sight, much to my delight.


Burger Lab in DHA is part of an international franchise that covers several countries like Malaysia and Turkey, so I knew they had standardized their recipes. This standardization is also why I am a big advocate for McDonald’s: you get the same exact thing with the same exact taste every single time. I was not wrong. What we got was not a half-assed concoction from your college dorm kitchen, where drunken food meant a sh*t sandwich. I got myself a real burger that took away a few years of my life the minute I dug in.


We waited 30 minutes for the burger, despite the Foodpanda app telling us it would take 45 minutes. Customer service was courteous, preemptive, and intelligent; someone’s got their service transcripts down. Once I nabbed the delivery package, I sat down in a corner with P, away from all the other people at the office so that we could eat without judgment.


It was safe to say that things were gonna get drippy.


The boxes were huge, tower- like hype-men that could have easily fit two stacked double quarter pounders each in them. Chains and cranes lifting the burger as the featured picture, I knew I would either hate it or love it. Once we let the cat out of the bag, it was time to get down to it.


It was a messy, saucy sight, but with four patties and that much cheese and burger paraphernalia around, I would have been disappointed if this had been anything but. This is a strictly two-handed burger, and it can’t really be cut in half, so you’re going to want to wear one of those bibs they provide at seafood restaurants.


Burger Lab Quadra Reloaded Burger Lahore


The patties were buttery madness, and the beef quality surprised me. I was expecting semi-fake beef made from paste and injected with butter, but this was the real deal. The cheese was plentiful and much appreciated; every bit was a fatty, chewy, creamy blessing from above.


The beef was beefy enough without being too beefy.


The onion rings added a nice little crunch to offset the buttery texture. I had no idea that Burger Lab was an international franchise before ordering in that day. Trust me when I say this, there was something international about the taste of the beef. My eyes rolled back into my skull. This was a trip I had not been prepared for. Everything made sense.


It’s safe to say I enjoyed this burger a lot, but because I’m that special kind of jerk, I will point out everything that was wrong with the burger too. For starters, the sauteed mushrooms sucked ass. Bland, just plain under seasoned, they added nothing new to the mix. The BBQ sauce, funnily enough, added FAR too much to the mix. I would have honestly preferred smash burger sauce with this burger because there was far too much sugar and hickory involved (perhaps to overcompensate for not being able to serve it with bacon).


THAT BEING SAID, whenever I skip breakfast or am particularly hungry, I dream of the Quadra Reloaded burger.


It gets the impact that it wants, and lives up to the hype.


I will make it a point to threaten to sue them in case they don’t take the BBQ sauce and the mushrooms off my order, because order I will.


A week later, I ordered a classic cheeseburger from Burger Lab and was immensely disappointed by how dry, bland, and utterly unremarkable it was. Their Animal Fries were extremely saucy, though I won’t complain much about them because I ate them all in a matter of minutes.


I will make it a point to recommend the Quadra Reloaded burger, and only the Quadra Reloaded burger to all those looking to take their stomachs for a joyride. The ride is rough, but the story is worth it.


Burger Lab Quadra Reloaded Burger Lahore

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