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bundu khan bakers and sweets

Bundu Khan Bakers: Tea Party for One

Over the course of our marriage, my husband has learned that the best way to turn my sad days around is to take me to a bakery. Elegantly showcased assortments of confectionary and culinary creations rouse the child inside me. With an impish grin on my face, I go counter to counter and get box after box filled up with my favorite treats. I imagine that anyone who catches a glimpse of us on our way out, with a dozen items in tow, assumes that we’re preparing for a tea party. We are, for a party of one. Bundu Khan isn’t a new name in the confectionary business. The name is woven into Lahore’s food culture and is well-known for its variety and quality. However, it was only recently that I came across Bundu Khan Bakers. And so I eagerly ventured into the shop to explore the unexplored



A Whole New World

The moment I walked in the bakery I felt transported to an enchanted world of sweets and treats. Bundu Khan Bakers had me instantly spoilt for choice. Traditional Pakistani mithai, Turkish delights, and Afghani treats, there was an endless variety on offer. A contemporary touch to the classic was something fairly noteworthy. The display was a work of art with pops of color that would make a welcome addition to any instafeed.

The sweets connoisseurs’ have adeptly transformed these traditional sweets into something extraordinary. Each display filled with rows of an intricately decorated cake, freshly baked biscuits, glossy pastries, and tarts, looked equally tempting.



What I adored most was the Matki Pairay which were shaped like pears, covered with silver paper, and topped with almonds; they looked more like ornaments. Bundu Khan Bakers seem to really believe that our eyes eat before our mouth.

The savory side of the bakery is similarly enticing with snacks such as patties, shawarmas, drumsticks, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, and wraps in stock. The bakery also sells items consumed on a daily basis, such as bread, eggs, rusks, juices, and tea.

Bundu Khan Bakers aren’t limited to selling baked goods. If you’re prepping to surprise your loved ones with scrumptious sweets or looking for a gift to present at festivals, Bundu Khan Bakers’ embellished customizable gift boxes are a perfect choice.



My Picks

When finally done with exploring the bakery, I decided to give their shwarma and cheese wrap a try. Shawarma was offered in both Turkish and Lahori style. The server suggested opting for the Turkish one for a milder flavor as the Lahori shwarma might prove too spicy. I went for the Lahori Shwarma.

It was delicious. The thinly sliced chicken chunks were finely seasoned in the blend of spices and perfectly grilled with a succulence that was unparalleled. The tangy flavor from the pickled vegetables turned this small pita roll into a roller-coaster of flavors.



The cheese wrap was also really good. The filling was mildly spicy, topped with cream cheese, small chunks of olives, tomatoes and garnished with coriander leaves. The tortilla was airy and crisp.

Turkish Baklava was my next pick to fix the sweet craving. The light-golden crunchy baklava was a lip-smacking delight. Buttery and flakey, suffused with honey and packed with rich nuts, it melted in my mouth. Not sickly sweet, absolutely perfect.



The floor manager was all ears to the needs of the customers and meticulously tackled the matters intruding the flow of the service. This is something many bakeries today lack. Bundu Khan Bakers certainly lived up to my expectations and are my new sweet reprieve.