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Bukhara Restaurant

Bukhara Restaurant: Cheap BBQ

On Tuesday, a friend from Gujranwala visited me after months of absence. I decided to take him to Bukhara Restaurant for dinner. Located on the Anarkali Food Street, which is synonymous with noise and dirt, it is one of the few restaurants where you can expect cleanliness and good service. We decided to occupy a table on the second floor instead of sitting outside close to the muddy road. Through a glass wall, we could observe the rush in the street below without being bothered by it.


In a Nutshell:
  • The writer has visited the restaurant many times
  • It is one of the finer-built restaurants on Anarkali’s food street
  • Nostalgic experiences for bored millennials
Pro Tips:
  • A shoestring budget? No problem
  • Go for the barbecue
  • Family friendly



This was not my first visit to Bukhara Restaurant. I have had the distinct pleasure of savoring their cream-stewed Mixed Vegetables and Achaari Chicken Karahi several times before. This time, however, we ordered the Chicken Tawa Piece along with Chicken Kebabs. After a painstaking twenty-five minutes’ wait, the waiter brought the brown, crusted chicken breast. We broke pieces of Naan, wrapped the chicken in it and then dipped these parcels in the spiced oil left behind in the metal dish. The spicy flavor of the Tawa Piece was magnified and complemented by the Kachumber salad.





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Another waiter brought the Chicken Kebabs and placed them before us. Although I had assumed that I would only eat a few bites for the sake of formality, the flute-shaped kebabs and the sizzling chicken awakened a lustful hunger in my stomach. I ordered half a kilo of Fried Fish— sold traditionally by weight. When it arrived, I took great care to remove the fine bones and cut the fish up into small pieces. I told my friend that eating salty, deep-fried, fresh-caught fish like this would never bore me and the viral song, ‘One Pound Fish’ began to play in my head.


What makes Bukhara Restaurant different from other restaurants in Anarkali Food Street is that each order is executed individually. This is obvious in the taste and freshness of the dishes you are served. The clean environment, the repressed hum of the vehicles on the street below, and the quality of food make Bukhara a great place to feed your soul.


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