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Bubble Hotels: Uninterrupted Viewing Pleasure

Offbeat hotel options have been gaining traction in the travel trend scenes over the last few years. While I was familiar with the likes of treehouse retreats and glamping, I recently came across the concept of bubble hotels while scrolling through the interwebs. Bubble Hotels are exactly what they sound like; transparent dome-shaped retreats that allow unencumbered views of the surrounding terrain.


The bubble hotel trend is pivoted around minimalism. Bubble hotels aren’t likely to provide a four-poster bed or a claw-footed tub. What they do provide are unparalleled views. The trend is an innovative way to witness nature up close and personal from the safety of what is primarily a glass igloo.


Bubble hotels first gained prominence in Iceland as the perfect vantage point for experiencing the Northern Lights. Social Media provided the traction which allowed this trend to go global. These hotels have now popped up in various parts of the world allowing people to access a variety of topographies, from desert landscapes to beachfront views.


For those who aren’t inclined to splurge on a Scandinavian destination, several bubble hotels operate within our part of the globe. If you’re looking for a tropical getaway Bali is a worthy destination. However, if you’d prefer someplace quieter, the Wadi Rum Retreat in Jordan provides lodgings in the heart of the desert. That’s a premium star-gazing experience right there. Pairing unmatched views with the comfort of home, I wouldn’t really mind living in a bubble.

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