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bibi's pink

Bibi’s Pink: The Pantone Medium Rare

I had been following Bibi’s Pink long before their physical outlet launched. They had been posting sneak peeks at the menu and the venue on Instagram for a while. The name and the vibe intrigued me and I headed there the minute they officially opened doors to customers.

First Impressions

Bibi’s Pink is located in M block and is quaint little eatery. A waiter led us up a neon pink staircase towards our seats. The space was tight but snazzy. Contemporary music buzzed overhead and complemented the easy-going ambiance.

A statement board displayed caricatures of famous Pakistani women of Pakistan while the outdoor seating area consisted of fairy lights and a fancy fountain.

Our seats faced the open kitchen and the owners swiftly paced in and out of the prep area. When I briefly spoke to the two women behind the venture they revealed that, despite no formal training, they started this as a means to channel their obsession with good food and feeding others.


Our Order

We started with drinks as the main course required 20-minute preparation time. An apple slush, peach ice tea and some complimentary veggies and dips initiated our meal. For our main course, we ordered the Tenderloin steak with Relais de L’entrecote Style Sauce and a Chicken Stroganoff.

Chicken Stroganoff

This perfectly flavored and creamy chicken gave hints of coconut and with a squirt of lemon, it got the tanginess it needed! This came with a serving of buttery, warm rice. The dish in itself defined comfort food, filling you to content.

Tenderloin steak with Relais de L’entrecote Style Sauce

We didn’t know what we were getting into… the steak is served for one but my friend and I decided to share (thank God). This was served with a salad as an appetizer, the steak, fries, and bread as the main course and Gateau de relais served with ganache, crème Chantilly and roasted almond flakes as a dessert.

The steak was phenomenal. It came with an authentic entrecote style sauce, which the owner was very proud of, and the medium-rare steak melted right in my mouth. After wiping up the dish of butter with our bread the dessert was served.

Gateau de relais served with ganache, crème Chantilly and roasted almond flakes was one of the densest, yet lightest desserts I’ve eaten. The crème, ganache, and cake kicked me right into a food coma.

A sip of the much-needed peach ice tea pushed my food down and I was ready to go home and crash.


The crowd was small, the owners were invested and the food quality and service both deserved a thumbs up. The steak was one of the best I’ve had in Lahore, for that alone Bibi’s Pink is a must-try for food enthusiasts.