07 Jun, Wednesday
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bhooka brigade

Bhooka Brigade: The Right Kind of Destruction

Sometimes all you need is to dive into comfort food and no one does it better than Bhooka Brigade. I came to this realization when a recent fried food craving hit me like a freight train and my friends recommended Bhooka Brigade to me. With menu items like Jangli Pizza, Zalim Zinger, and Bhooka Sauces, I knew I was in for a novel treat.

Deep-fried, cheesy, hearty, and affordable- it all seemed to add up and I placed my order of Chickiza, Cheesy Blast Fries, and Jangli Fries. Their delivery was prompt (and free) and my food arrived piping hot.


I hate thicky doughy pizza crusts, but I didn’t have to worry about that for a second with Chickiza, where a deep-fried chicken fillet serves as the base of the pizza. Yes, fried chicken. Even looking at it I could feel calories diffusing through the air and into my system.

The glorious, golden chicken was topped with herbs, cheese, jalapenos, and more cheese. I separated a wedge and began to dig in. The crispy exterior and a warm succulent interior were dredged in Italian spices and herbs, the tang of the jalapenos and an ungodly topping of gooey cheese really took the edge off my weekend. At Rs. 380 to say that it’s totally worth it would be an understatement.



Cheesy Blast Fries

Every once in awhile I’m in the mood for sophisticated parmesan and mozzarella drizzled fancy wedges. But most of the time I’m looking for a saucy, messy, overdose of cheesy topping on my fries. Bhooka Brigades Cheesy Blast Fries are my kind of destruction. With an abundance of sauces, insane amounts of cheese, chicken chunks and fries, the box containing everything was exploding with excitement- as was I. Every bite graced me with an overload of cheese, the perfect cheese pull, and multiple boomerangs. A single serving is perfect for two and costs a painless Rs. 350. How’s that for budget eating?

Jangli Fries

Honestly, if I hadn’t had the Cheesy Blast before these I would’ve fallen in love with the Jangli Fries, but nothing beats cheesy blast. The sweet chili and pop-corn chicken made all the difference in these. The mayo might be too pasty for some, but the tartness from the jalapenos cuts right through this. Not bad for Rs. 290, not bad at all.


For all those looking for comfort food or a well-deserved cheat meal, Bhooka Brigade is the answer to your longing. It ticks all the boxes: price, taste, and quantity. And how can you deny the innovation that is Chickiza?