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best gulab jamun in lahore

The Five Best Gulab Jamun in Lahore

I don’t usually claim to be the authority on anything, but when it comes to the best gulab jamun in Lahore I know more than anyone and their mom. I feel strongly about desi meethai. While I enjoy tiramisu and cheesecake as much as the next sane person does there’s something about sickeningly sweet syrup-soaked gulab jamun that turns me out. Over years of swiftly ordering gulab jamuns for dessert wherever I go, it’s safe to say that I’ve tried every gulab jamun in Lahore. Consider this a definitive list. This is all you’ll ever need to read when looking for gulab jamun in Lahore.

Now everyone knows that the perfect gulab jamun needs to be evenly brown, soaked right through the center, sweet, warm, and fragrant. All five of them fulfill this criteria, and then some. I will not justify why each of the following is on my list because I expect you to believe me when I say these are the only five gulab jamuns you need to know. They haven’t been ranked because it would be akin to picking a favorite child, and that’s not something good moms do on a public forum. So here are the best gulab janun in Lahore, in no particular order.

Spice Bazar

spice bazar

Pataka Boti

pataka boti

Now the golden rule when it comes to eating gulab jamun; eat them in pairs of two. Count your blessings, not your calories. And if you need further proof of my commitment to desi mithai and discerning gulab-jamun palate, check out this video.

And don’t come at me with your sharakpur keh gulab jamun. Ridiculous.

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