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wings 1 - The Seven Best Chicken Wings in Lahore

The Seven Best Chicken Wings in Lahore

Grilled, smoked, bone-in, boneless, deep-fried, Victoria’s Secret – I love wings in all ways, shapes and forms. I used to be a one-man-chicken-wing-hunting-army, and I’d resigned myself to Lahore’s inability to match Islamabad’s wing game. Then I found a comrade. Turns out, Shameel is just as wing obsessed as me, though he prefers smoked wings. Together we’ve ventured far and wide, exhausting Lahore’s wing supply. When I say best chicken wings in Lahore, I mean it.

This is the real deal. Bookmark it.



Order: Hot-Garlic-Mayo Wings

Most people don’t even know that OPTP does wings. But they do. They have the best wings in the entire city, and nothing anyone says will convince me otherwise. The wings at OPTP are criminally underrated, and I blame the marketing team for not advertising these succulent, crispy and absolutely delicious wings. The best hot dogs in the city? The wings is where it’s at.

cosa nostra


Order: Hot Blackcurrant Wings

I’ve been in love with Cosa Nostra’s wings since 2008. Consistently good and with unique flavor combinations, the wings at Cosa Nostra are everything wings should be. Airy, golden-brown batter, and tender meat. One serving is never enough but if you wanna splurge on wings, there’s no better place to do so than at Cosa Nostra.

xxl burgers

XXL Burgers

Order: Buffalo Wings

Our experience with XXL Burgers was a disaster for me. Where the Butter Burger got me down, their wings lifted me up. Cheap, crunchy, and lightly tossed in a spicy buffalo sauce, these wings really hit the spot. Before I tried the wings at OPTP, this was my number one pick. Chalk me up for two orders the next time around.



Order: Bihari Wings

Bet you weren’t expecting Bihari wings, amirite? Neither was I. I was skeptical but I tried them as part of the BBQ Platter over at Packages Mall and they blew my mind. The smoky meat slipped clean off the bone and melted in my mouth. I could’ve wept, the wings were so good. You have to try them to believe it.



Order: Buffalo Wings

Once upon a time, Espresso was actually cool. Well… My mom is still a fan. I end up going to Espresso often enough to know that they have a pretty solid Appetizers Platter. The crown jewels here are the wings. These wings are downright messy. Your hands will smell like buffalo ranch for the next 24 hours, but that’s the price you pay. Worth it.

life of a wing

Meat the Cheese

Order: Life as a Wing

While I didn’t enjoy our time at Meat the Cheese as much as Shameel, I can agree with his opinion regarding their wings. This appetizer was a winner winner chicken dinner. The sauce was complex, with a subtle smokey tamarind kick to it. Innovative and delicious. I’d order these again in a heartbeat, though they’re all I’d order here.

midnight munchies

Midnight Munchies

Order: Honey Chili Wings

So the only way you’re getting your hands on these bad boys is by ordering them in. Midnight Munchies is an indie food delivery service that operates post-7 pm. I ordered their wings on a whim and they’re now part of my regular order. Crispy, spicy, sticky, and absolutely perfect. Their honey chili glaze will change your life.

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