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Open Faced Burgers - 5 Beef Burgers in Lahore You Should Be Talking About

5 Beef Burgers in Lahore You Should Be Talking About

Got an insatiable appetite for everything beef? No surprises there. A chicken burger is no burger. Burger restaurants have been popping up like daisies in Lahore over the last half-decade or so, much to our delight. Got a couple of favorite beef burgers? Of course you do, everyone has opinions; as a matter of fact, I have 5. Skip Burger King, skip street food; here are my picks (in no particular order) for 5 delicious burgers in Lahore you should be talking about right now. We call it: The Best Burgers in Lahore, 2019 Edition.


Rina’s Kitchenette: Smashburger


best burger in Lahore

Talking Points: Flava Flava, The right smash


Smash is all the hype these days, and Rina’s Kitchenette is a restaurant that not disappoint with trends. A simple basket full of chili flake topped fries and battered fried pickles complement the main event. The main event? A double patty smash-burger with cheese that means business. Great buns on this one too, if I may be so candid. Soak it up with a plethora of homemade condiments like the basil aioli or sriracha mayo, and it’ll be gone before you get to know it.



Burger Cart: Chubby Cow


best burger in Lahore


Talking Point: Bang for your buck


When Immad did his video log for this new discovery, he went nuts. He really liked the price point and the quality of the Chubby Cow, so us pencil pushers decided to give it our own review. Briefly put, we agree with Immad (damnit). Yummy buns and a juicy beef patty make Burger Cart’s Chubby Cow a very viable alternative to any other option you may have in mind. Loaded with gherkins (ooh you fancy), mustard, iceberg, BBQ sauce (I forewent this), onions, and tomatoes (I also forwent this), you gotta think double patty.



Outpost BYOB: Figure it Out



Talking Points: Thick and smoky patties, Endless possibilities


I was very sceptical about Outpost BYOB when it moved to Mall 1. Because it is headquartered in Phase 8, I thought maintaining consistent quality would be a tough ask. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was completely wrong. If anything, it ups the bar and manages to compete well with the best of Lahore. As the name suggests, the burger you have is your own creation: build your own burger. Looking for advice? Check out our video log for some tricks and tips.




Burger Lab: Quadra Reloaded Burger


Burger Lab Quadra Reloaded Burger Lahore


Talking Points: Size factor, Oodles of cheese


We’ve been raving about the Quadra Reloaded Burger from Burger Lab for a hot minute now. While this is technically fast food, the ‘quadra’ bit is straightforward: four smashed beef patties slathered in cheese, and they taste just like butter. The reloaded: onion rings, sauteed mushrooms, mayo-based burger sauces, and good ol’ BBQ sauce for that extra feel. If there was ever a heart attack in a box, this one is it. A delicious heart attack mind you.



Home Grown: A burger has no name


best burger in Lahore


Talking points: Humble patty, add-ons up the ante

The perfect burger requires a patty with a faultless meat-to-fat ratio, cloaked in a blanket of warm American cheddar, and the humble trio of sharp onion, crunchy iceberg, good old ketchup, all wrapped up in a toasted potato bun – simple. Home Grown Burgers has this recipe down to an art. The food is consistently amazing, the customer service is unparalleled and the ambiance is whatever you make of it. Truly a Pakistani gem.


Got your own list? Let us in on the secret.



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