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Battlefield Lahore: Paintball and More

There was a time when Battlefield was well taken care of. On a recent visit, it broke my heart to what this place has come to.



In a Nutshell:
  • Extreme sports experiences
  • Poorly maintained equipment
  • Novel experience
Pro Tips:
  • Not for those on a shoe-string budget
  • Try to visit during the daytime
  • Family friendly



Located on Ghazi Road near Hotel 12J, Battlefield Lahore offers a vast range of extreme sports. Although the entire arena seems more like a ruin now, it still charges really high prices. Just to give you an overview, for Paintball you can get 25 pellets for PKR 500 that run out in under 10 minutes. 50 pellets cost PKR 800 and it goes up to 170 pellets if they get PKR 200.


Other than that, the park offers ATVs (All Terrain Vehicle) as well, the prices for which depend on the minutes. You can get 10 minutes for PKR 350 that go up to 30 minutes for PKR 900. Battlefield also offers some other sports such as a zip-line, bungee trampoline and something called the Orbitron which, at the time, was dumped in a corner as though it was junk. I would not trust that thing even with my stuffed animal.


We went to battlefield somewhere around 6 PM. In hindsight, it’s not the brightest idea to visit the place after dark, though. My friends and I got 25 pellets to play paintball. In this game, teams compete against one another in an obstacle course and whoever gets to steal the opponents’ flag wins. Players compete against each other to eliminate opponents by pelting them with paintballs. Even though they are made of soft gelatin, they hit you hard, so make sure you don’t hit a friend up close. It will hurt.


Battlefield provides gear to save you from the fury of these pellets, though. But on this particular day, the gear was simply not up to the mark. We could barely see through the scratches on the helmet and face-cover, which killed the entire purpose of the game. The Velcro of the jackets were not functioning either and the gloves were torn up and extremely dirty. Shame. The guns, however, were in pristine condition.


We started our round despite the lack of visibility and abysmal lighting. We could not see properly and were literally shooting in the dark. I got hit on the arm and bruised because of this. Nothing too serious, but man it hurt!




The arena needs some serious attention. My visit to the Battlefield was a complete waste of time and money. It used to be an amazing recreational place but I don’t feel the same anymore.


Battlefield, Ghazi Road, +92300 8400987 



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