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Battle of the Food Delivery Applications

Modern life is full of ease and luxury, with new innovations redefining customer experiences every day. Smartphones and applications are perhaps the most important inventions in recent times. Specifically, food delivery applications have made life so much easier for someone like me, whose thoughts and actions are mostly food-centric. I use a combination of three different food delivery applications to make my food dreams come true and today I’ll be comparatively reviewing them.

Food Panda | Eat Mubarak | Cheetay


The functionality of all three food delivery applications is similar. in the sense that a list of recommendations is provided after factoring in the user’s geographical location. Additionally, every item ticked is added to a cart awaiting checkout with the option of several payment methods. Food Panda displays favorites on the main screen in a simplistic manner. The search bar constantly appears on every page. Eat Mubarak creates a separate page for each restaurant featured with reviews and menu. Cheetay has several filters with cuisines, delivery distance, and deals. While both Eat Mubarak and Cheetay allow live tracking of the order, but Food Panda doesn’t provide such a feature.

Delivery Time

Food Panda and Eat Mubarak are both specifically food delivery applications while Cheetay provides a generalized delivery service across the city. As far as consistently quick delivery goes, Food Panda is a definite winner while Cheetay has a delayed delivery time, Eat Mubarak falls right in the middle of the two. This has definitely caused an impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty for the three applications.

Customer Service

While the absence of a live tracking option is a big one, Food Panda has compensated for it by providing top-notch customer care services and quick chat option. Eat Mubarak and Cheetay both provide good customer service but Food Panda has its SOP’s down and that makes it shine.

Discounts & promos

With more food delivery applications launching every day, competition for food-apps is tougher than ever. Customers get the good end of this bargain, with special deals, promos, and other discounts coming up every day. Cheetay has a permanent category of special offers and Eat Mubarak provides several promo codes for discounts. Food Panda has daily exclusive deals available on the app, offered in collaboration with various eateries.


At the end of the day, a comparison and a combination of these three apps can be used to your advantage for a great overall experience. Food Panda allows you to order from several different vendors at the same time, while all three offer a different collection of eateries. Different strokes for different folks I guess.