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Bar.B.Q Tonight Clifton: The Finest in Town

Spice rules all food in Karachi. The taste buds of Karachiites yearn for the perfect blend of masala. Bar.B.Q Tonight is a brand that has remained popular and resistant to competition.

It’s no surprise, given our love for food, that most popular hangout spots in the city are food places. Many restaurants compete to woo the attention of hungry customers and the service industry is thriving, sustained by the desire of foodies to try all the vendors in the city.

Bar.B.Q Tonight serves authentic Pakistani cuisine, maintaining a good balance of all the elements – from spice to salt. The food chain specializes in barbeque, including kebabs, tikka, and boti.

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How About Bar.B.Q Tonight?


My server suggested that I try their Afghani kebab and so I ordered it. It fulfilled all my expectations: it had a rich taste, pleasant texture, and the ideal blend of flavors. I tried the malai boti next. The malai was fantastic while the boti was well cooked and appropriately seasoned. The barbeque menu, overall, was great. The paratha I consumed along with the barbeque was perfect: it was not very oily and complemented the barbeque.



Main Course

Next, I wanted to try one of the main courses. After a thorough discussion with my friends and the waiter, we ordered reshmi paneer handi. According to the waiter, it is one of the most popular dishes at Bar.B.Q Tonight.

To my dismay, the reshmi paneer handi was disappointing. It tasted rich and was well cooked but one could barely tell it apart from makhni handi. It was difficult to feel the taste of reshmi masala and the paneer did not feel right. The naan, however, was great, and Bar.B.Q Tonight offers a variety of naans including plain naan, garlic naan, and roghni roti. I managed to get a taste of all three and was satisfied with the naan; it improved the experience of eating the underwhelming reshmi paneer handi.



I also tried the hummus, and that too did not live up to the expectations that the Barbeque section of the menu had set. It lacked the depth of flavor that hummus served in other restaurants over the city often has.



For dessert, I tried the kheer. It was very cakey, with a soft texture. The amount of sugar was near perfect, and it was a good way to end the feast. After having the Kheer, I ordered a tea to share with a cigarette on the open air tables available on the Bar.B.Q Tonight rooftop: the icing on the cake.


Next Time

I missed out on the diverse seafood menu, which offered dishes ranging from prawns to fish tikka. The menu also offered a good variety of steaks. The waiter claimed that these are made exactly as per customer instruction. Bar.B.Q Tonight offers beef and mutton dishes as well and serves Middle Eastern and Afghani food items. I noticed that the menu also had a lot of vegetarian options including vegetable rice.



The service generally was up to the mark with waiters responding immediately to calls for water or cold drinks. The dishes were served in due time despite the dinner time rush. The wait was excruciating but not unbearable. The staff was friendly and welcoming and responsive to specific details within the order.

The experience of eating at Bar.B.Q Tonight was mostly pleasant. Good barbeque food, decent main courses, and a not-so-great hummus capped off with delicious dessert and tea. Can’t really complain!