23 Jul, Tuesday
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Baloch Icecream

Baloch Ice Cream: Beyond the Rose Shake

Baloch Icecream, largely known for its ice creams and milkshakes, is never empty. I frequent it solely for their Rose Shake, which is a top pick for most regular patrons. My most recent visit was when a few hungry cousins and I were in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal area and we felt a sudden urge to stop someplace for a quick nibble. We dropped by Baloch Icecream and decided to give its food a try. This was my first time venturing beyond their shakes and ice creams.


The Space

The restaurant is an open area without any entrance or doors. There are a few tables and chairs laid out front, a wooden cart bearing Gol Gappas and ingredients for Chana Chat, a BBQ grill, and a station with a juicer machine and a selection of fruits on it. After settling into our chairs we were greeted by a waiter who handed us our menus. I decided not to look at it as I already knew what I’d be eating. My passion for Gol Gappay never allows me to stray from my regular order of meethi puri.



My Addiction

The perfectly round and crisp-looking Puris came in a round plate, encircling a little bowl of water. The water was seasoned to taste spicy and sour. The Round Puris were laden with chickpeas, pieces of potatoes, yogurt and a tad bit of sweet tamarind sauce. I dipped one of the puris in the masalaydar paani and then plopped the whole thing in my mouth. The puri immediately burst, releasing a gush of spicy and sour water in my mouth, which I half swallowed and half-chewed with the contents of the Puri. The flavors blend together beautifully, I swiftly went in for another. When the waiter came bearing soft drinks I asked for another plate. It arrived within 5 minutes and was gone in 4. I obviously ordered another plate, and this time around I found the generosity(or rather courtesy) to share the third plate with my companions.



As for all the other things on the menu, Baloch Icecream has been amazingly successful in serving fast food and BBQ items of all kinds. Everything that is served at Baloch Ice Cream, from rolls and botis to sandwiches and burgers, tastes as good as it looks. For all the fast food buffs, Baloch is undoubtedly a worthy choice.