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Bakers Ville

Bakers Ville: Strictly Baked

The brown bricked building of Bakers Ville houses a range of confectionary marvels that never fails to surprise my taste buds. I mean that in the best way possible. From the delightful pastries to customized cakes, delectable cookies to flavourful croissants, it serves up treats with impeccable flair. Bakers Ville is the answer to all of my baked good cravings.

Butter Crunch by Bakers Ville

The emphasis here is to stock baked goods only, so you won’t find any random grocery items or desi sweets here. Their ice cream is the only exception to this rule. In fact, the reason I’m even writing this review is that I just had a taste of their  “Butter Crunch Ice-cream”. It’s hard to imagine a bakery doing a good job of making ice cream but Bakers Ville ice-cream can give other ice-cream parlors in the city a run for their money. I’ll dive into the details soon, but let me set the scene for you a bit.

Welcome to Bakers Ville

Bakers Ville occupies a conspicuous little corner in the commercial area of Bahria Town. Behind a hefty wooden door lies a quaint, three-leveled shop. A small staircase on the right opens onto the ground-floor landing; center of operations. A few steps ahead lies a morganite stairway which leads to the dine-in facility on the second floor.



The interior is elegant and rustic, with dim lights giving multisensory warmth to Bakers Ville. All four walls are outfitted with glass showcases defined with solid wooden frames while the floorplan is dotted with wooden racks. There are bar style wooden tables and stools in one corner, though never occupied.

The Line-up

Apart from sweets, the bakery has a live pizza station as well as freshly brewed coffees and teas. My husband and I have spent many winter evenings scarfing down delights such as the freshly baked “fatayer” (a middle-eastern meat pie) and cupcakes with steaming cappuccinos. But on a solo visit recently I tried out their Butter Crunch ice-cream.



Now let me divulge the secret this unassuming translucent cup contains. A thick white soft serve topped with crystals of caramel and nuts, it’s a textural joyride. Velvety and creamy was juxtaposed with bitter and crunchy within this decadent delight.

Bakers Ville is no longer just my go-to bakery or coffee shop, it is now my one stop solution for all things dessert.