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Baithak on Bedian: Honest Food, Made with Love

Nestled in the commercial hub of Bedian Road, Baithak in Lahore is a small and intimate establishment. Owned by two brothers, Baithak is an undiscovered gem and the answer to all your desi food cravings. Baithak swept me off of my feet with their delicious food and I have to tell you all about it.

First Impression

Baithak may be a small restaurant but its big on hospitality. There is a live cooking area, front and center, and its the first thing anyone passing by the restaurant notices. The interior is rustic and cozy while the eatery has a modern dhaba vibe. They’re trying to give you five-star food in a comfortable baithak (courtyard) seating. At the very end of the sitting area of the restaurant, an outside patio opens into a small backyard which can seat twenty or so people. The owners are always present for quality assurance and customer satisfaction.


baithak2 - Baithak on Bedian: Honest Food, Made with Love

Mid-week Lunch at Baithak Lahore

My family and I headed to Baithak for lunch a few days back. Since it was a weekday, the restaurant was relatively empty for once. One of the owners greeted us and recommended that we order the house specials: Chicken Seekh Kebab, Tawa Chicken, Malai Boti, and an array of Naan. A server promptly brought out a fresh salad, mint raita (spiced yogurt) and imli (tamarind) chutney. Within a few minutes, we were served our food as well. Everything arrived piping hot and fresh off the grill.



Chicken Seekh Kebab 

The Chicken Seekh Kebab arrived on the skewers and a waiter skillfully divided it up into individual servings for us. One bite of the kebab and I was in heaven. The kebabs were perfectly cooked, crisp and moist at the same time. The spice rub was perfectly balanced and the charcoal flavor was perfection when paired with the mint raita. The kebab disappeared within minutes.

Tawa Chicken

Next up was the Tawa Chicken which was served in a sizzler platter. The chicken was covered in a dark and dreamy rub and served with coriander, spring onions, chilies, and lemon wedges. We dug right in. The meat was charred and smokey; not too dry and melt in your mouth soft. The spicy and zesty rendition of tawa chicken was a real crowd pleaser.


The naan options at Baithak are pretty exciting and we ordered their kulcha, kalaunji naan, coriander naan, and garlic naan, along with tandoori roti. In my humble opinion, their Corriander and Kalaunji Naan are the best in the city.

Malai Boti 

Their Malai Boti proved to be a great hit with the kids. Served in a sizzler alongside charred onions, capsicum, and tomatoes, the dish was immaculately presented and divine in taste. The botis were bite-sized pieces of scrumptiousness. A subtle mix of spice, cream, and yogurt, it was a light and satisfying entree.


baithak - Baithak on Bedian: Honest Food, Made with Love


I’m not the biggest fan of Pakistani food and the few restaurants that my husband has coerced me into trying have done little to change my palate. That being said, I love the desi food at Baithak Lahore. Lahore is full of old and famous desi restaurants, yet this small, family-owned eatery is well equipped to give them a run for their money. The owners put their heart and soul into their food, and it shows. I believe that Baithak Lahore, with its good old honest desi food, will be a commercial success in no time.

Baithak Lahore Location: Bedian Rd, Opp Main gate, Sector A Askari 11, Lahore, Punjab
Baithak Lahore Contact Number: +92 321 4747623