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IMG 2624 - Bahria Town Rose Garden: A Sight to Behold

Bahria Town Rose Garden: A Sight to Behold

I often find myself strolling through the Bahria Town Rose Garden, be it in the quiet hours of dawn or lazy late evenings. On most winter days, when the sun sinks low, there isn’t a place as peaceful as this around. My favorite time to visit the garden is during the afternoon, it reminds of the poem ‘Come into the Garden, Maud’ by Alfred Tennyson. The cool breeze, the small grassy plots, the blooming flowers in shades of blue, white, purple, pink, red, and the perfectly lined up trees create a breathtaking visual. The Bahria Town Rose Garden has inevitably tied me into a unique relationship wherein it allows me reflection and meditation.





The reason I consider the afternoons a perfect time to visit the Bahria Town Rose Garden is because it is mostly vacant during the hours between 1- 3 pm. As a self-described introvert, I often crave solitude and enjoy being close to nature. Often times I can be found circling the cobbled pathways of the park till my thoughts begin to dance to the sound of birds chirping. A well-timed breeze can do wonders to qualm one’s daily anxieties. The periwinkle sky overhead, the glistening sun and the perfumed air are always comforting.





The Bahria Town Rose Garden is dotted with Grecian style white pillars at various points in the landscape. I couldn’t recall a single visit where these have not grasped my attention, it’s hard to escape their grandeur. Whenever I’m stuck with a case of writer’s block I find myself hurrying to my favorite spot beneath the columns. A few minutes taking in my surroundings and I find my pen flowing.  





There is an open-air gym in the garden as well, which is equipped with a few basic machines. There is a balancing beam, an exercise bike, a back extender, a ski walker, a cardio glider, and an incline bench. The facility has enabled budding fitness enthusiasts and a few elderly gentlemen to work out in the lush green surroundings while taking in the fresh air.

Evenings at the Bahria Town Rose Garden are entirely different. It witnesses a caravan of people belonging to different demographics entering the park. The excited laughter of children fills the air as they rush towards the swings, a number of people sprint around the jogging track like Olympic champions. The ladies stroll in small groups, gossiping as they pass by older men who are busily engaged in dissecting state affairs. One half of the garden is entirely occupied by youths engaged in football and cricket.

It is unfortunate that not a lot of people know about this rose garden, the visitors are almost exclusively residents of Bahria Town. I do hope that outsiders start visiting soon, it is definitely a sight to behold.