19 Jan, Wednesday
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Bahria Cinegold

Bahria Cinegold: Decent Movie Experience

I have been to a lot of movie theaters but it was my first time visiting Bahria Cinegold as it is quite far off from the city. I had heard some good and more bad things about the place but to be honest it wasn’t as bad. I had heard a lot about how the management does not allow ladies to carry their bags inside the hall. However I did not have to face any such inconvenience. The only thing that I did not like about the cinema was the scheduling of the movies.



in a nutshell:
  • Far AF
  • Expensive AF
  • Uncomfortable AF
Pro Tips:
  • Live in Bahria Town? GREAT!
  • Avoid The Neglected Hulk
  • Limited food options



Three movies were supposed to screen that day at Bahria Cinegold.  Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety which feels almost like tongue twister, Welcome to New York which I never knew existed and Padmaavat. I was hoping to get a ticket for Padmaavat but I was told that they changed the schedule last minute. I had to settle for ‘Bollywood’s first comedy 3D’ Welcome to New York. I bought the ticket for PKR 600 and made my way to the cinema hall.


The hallway at Bahria Cinegold was adorned with Bollywood classic movie poster such as Amitabh Bachchan’s Laawaris, Rekha Ji’s Umrao Jaan and SRK’s Veer Zara. The waiting hall however had posters from Hollywood classics such as Pulp Fiction, Starwars along with some other big hits. A life size green hulk statue stands in a corner with his fist held up and a terrifying expression on his face. I almost felt bad for the poor guy, his green exterior was turning the color of the earth due to the lack of care and attention. In other words, the statue was straight up filthy. The food options were limited to caramel popcorn, nachos, drinks and some other light snacks like biscuits and chips. 


The cinema hall has rust leather seats that looked more comfortable then actually were.  The recessed wall nooks holding dozens of tiny lights in them looked absolutely amazing on rust red walls. The hall is quite small and so is the screen. I finally took my seat as the light slowly faded out. The screen lit up after a while. I really enjoyed the sound as well as the picture quality of the cinema but the movie, not so much. The sound quality was clear and had a good base. The picture quality was great too.



If you don’t normally hang out around Bahria Town, I do not see any reason to be going so out of way to watch a movie at Bahria Cinegold. Can’t say the same about Cinegold Plex though but that is for another time. You could get a similar experience (maybe better) at some places (IMAX) more easily accessible if you live closer to the city. Save yourself some fuel and get a ticket to Cinepax or even Sozo World Cinema. I don’t see any major differences.

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