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Avocado Nice-Cream: The Future is Now

We’re all familiar with the concept of “nice-cream” since it has been trending for the good part of a decade now. The original recipe involves blitzing up frozen, ripe bananas with maple syrup or honey as sweeteners and mixing in healthy add-ons such as dried berries and cacao nibs for flavor variations. No dairy, no processed ingredients, all of the flavor. It’s a tempting option for vegans with a sweet tooth, but now it’s time to up the ante.


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Avocados, with their full-bodied creaminess, have made their way into dessert recipes and smoothies. It’s no surprise to find it popping up in the craft ice-cream game, some might even consider it a natural progression. The avocado “nice-cream” was likely propelled by the keto-mania of 2018: since a keto diet requires higher fat content and avocados are full of “good fats”. Avocado ice cream is also perfect for anyone with nut, gluten, and dairy allergies. You could say that it’s completely fool-proof.

Avocados have a naturally subtle flavor which is probably why those who’ve experimented with avocado “nice-cream” claim that you can get it to taste like anything. Al you’ve got to do is switch up the add-ons.



I love the concept of a “nice-cream” that doesn’t involve bananas. Previous experiments proved fateful regardless of how much of anything else I mixed into mine, my nice-creams always ended up tasting like a banana milkshake. Banana milkshakes are arguably the worst milkshakes out there, so the taste of “nice-creams” never quite grew on me. But I’m willing to give it another shot.



Although I haven’t tried out avocado “nice-cream” yet, I have experience of baking with avocados as a substitute for milk and cream and I’ve never found the taste odd or overpowering. I have high hopes for avocado ice cream and I’ll be whipping up a batch for myself this weekend. I’ll be following a quick and easy recipe I found online.

Hopefully, this “nice-cream” will save my dessert-dependant soul from binging on Hobnobs all weekend – as one does. I’ll let you know how it turns out for me, but if you happen to beat me to it then don’t forget to send us pictures of your creations!


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