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Noor is a nerd with a shameless passion for literature. After studying a good deal of psychoanalysis and philosophy, his search for identity and soul disappeared into dust. Because of his utter lack of and aversion to convictions, Noor's close friends call him an ‘Alienated Postmodernist’. He deems writing synonymous to breathing.

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I left early in the morning for Lakshmi Mansion

Famous Cubist poet Vicente Huidobro once referred to the

Recently, on a sickly warm evening, our Charcoal Family

  On Tuesday morning, when I looked up at the

  Noor's visit to Amritsari Hareesa has him contemplating the

  Noor schemed his way into Forman Christian College (FCCU) Lahore

  As soon as I entered the narrow-throated Sanam Murgh