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Food Delivery to Askari 11: Places You Could Be Ordering From

I’ve heard Purnea cry and whine and scream and scoff at how no one delivers food to her house in Askari 11. Somehow, I found that hard to believe. So I went and did some research of my own. Turns out, it’s not as bad as she said it was. Food delivery in Askari 11 is totally a thing, and there’s plenty of options. 88 restaurants to be exact! If that isn’t misrepresentation, I don’t even know what is.
The question then is, what else have you been lying about, Purnea (if that’s even your real name)? SMH.
For all those looking to get their food delivered to Askari 11, here are my picks (in no particular order) for the top lunch and dinner spots to order from:



Jalal Sons


With probably the best ‘desi’ pizza out there, Jalal Sons sure has diversified. Deep pan pizzas and fried chicken make it a perfect stop for someone on a budget. Sure it won’t be as gourmet as it gets, but the price is right my friends.


Recommended: Smoked Chicken Deep Pan Pizza



Broadway Pizza


Broadway Pizza, for me, has always been about the delivery. And offering food delivery in Askari 11 means Purnea’s mom can order it in twice every week. Now you may not be the biggest fan of their cream cheese (garlic mayo?)  filled crust but their pep game is pretty damn good.


Recommended: Chicago Bold Fold



Napoli Restaurant


Having had the chance to try this ‘new’ spot out, I am pleased to say that it passes the taste test. With a menu like Cosa Nostra, complete with pizzas and all kinds of apps, it’s hard to pick a loser unless you’re really trying.


Recommended: Buffalo Wings and the Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza



Bar B Q Tonight


Purnea’s mad for not pointing this one out as an option. Bar B Q Tonight is perhaps the most legit thing to happen to Pakistani BBQ in a while. With specialty entrees and footlong naans, missing the mark is entirely out of the question.


Recommended: Rib Rack and Beef Seekh Kebabs, Kandahari Naan



Burger Lab


Feel like binging? Burger Lab now does food delivery in Askari 11. With a wacky assortment of fries and sides, and a fine eye for fine beef, Burger Lab gives overly complicated, 2 kg burgers a good rap. Prices are pretty good too for what it is.


Recommended: The Quadra



Hot N Spicy


The real OG in the house, Hot N Spicy is everywhere these days. For a spinoff of Karachi BBQ, Hot N Spicy has scaled impressively, and with good reason; the rolls, customized, will be your forever go-to for uber late night meals that your stomach will later regret.


Recommended: Bihari Kebab Puri Paratha Roll





It’s rather unfortunate, and slightly hilarious, that despite being Homegrowns biggest fan Purnea had no idea that they delivered to Askari 11. Poor girl has been traveling to their physical location once a week to get her fix. Tsk. tsk. Serving up one of the best burgers in town, Homegrown should be on everyone’s list.

Recommended: Beef burger with tons of add-ons



Veera 5


While it is admittedly difficult to find authentic Thai and Chinese food in Lahore, Veera 5 comes pretty close. The restaurant is easy on the pocket, generous in their servings and spot on with the flavors. Also, everyone knows that Chinese delivery is the best kind of late night delivery food. It just is.


Recommended: Pad Thai



Spice of Kashmir


I have one problem with Spice of Kashmir/ Spice of East/ Khadda and Khaaba. My problem is that they rename themselves every few weeks. However, you can find them on Foodpanda as Spice of Kashmir and if you’re in the mood for desi, they’ll deliver your food to Askari 11. If you can let their identity crisis slide.


Recommended: Mutton Chops and Palak Paneer



And there you have it guy, my top picks for Purnea. Here’s hoping she takes heed and stops her constant whining. There are sufficient options for her to choose from and if she continues to complain, then maybe that’s just the kind of person she is. Nevertheless, I hope this list helps out all of the Askari 11 residents out there.



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