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arizona grill - Arizona Grill: Iftaar for Four

Arizona Grill: Iftaar for Four

With Ramzan quickly approaching, most diners are on a lookout for good iftaar deals. For fancy, delicious, and well-priced food, Arizona Grill is my families go-to restaurant. We often visit their PECHS branch as it is quite near our house.


Fair Warning: It’s difficult to find a table here during Ramzan, so pre-booking should serve you well.


Last May, our party of four booked a table at Arizona Grill. The interior was dimly-lit, with paintings of African-American Jazz musicians covering the walls. The staff buzzed about efficiently, despite the Ramzan rush. Their Ramzan deal was not the typical buffet, but a complimentary iftar platter and 50% off on main-courses.

The iftar platter was quite filling: three mini burgers, six onion rings, three chicken strips, three chicken wings and two slices of a quesadilla. Along with that they also served us a bowl of fruits and a big bottle of water. The platter was extremely impressive and served as a nice appetizer.

For our mains, we ordered Chicken Moskva, Italian Steak, Buffalo Burger, Beef Lasagna and a decadent slice of Mocha Mud Pie. For drinks, we got three mint lemonades and fresh lime. By the end of my meal, I felt genuinely satisfied and content with my choice.



The Chicken Moskva, unlike an authentic chicken Moskva, was a stuffed chicken fillet covered in a creamy sauce and served with a side of smoked vegetables and mashed potatoes. It was flavorful and extremely filling. The sauce was nice, piquant, and flavorful. The mashed potatoes were also made to perfection. However, the chicken was not as succulent as I would have preferred. The Italian steak was a chicken fillet covered with a house-made tomato sauce full of traditional Italian flavorings; it was the star of the show. The lasagna was a bit of a let-down. Saltier than it should have been, it lacked any real structure or texture. The buffalo burger was a very basic chicken patty burger with a slightly tangy buffalo sauce, much to my dismay it was not as good as I’d hoped.

But the slight disappointments of the burger and the lasagna were overcompensated by the inviting dessert: the mocha mud pie. It was two layers of coffee ice cream and peanut butter mousse compressed in a chocolate crust pie, with a viscous chocolate sauce spilled over it. Rich and decadent, the four of us wiped the platter clean.

The chai and drinks were nothing spectacularly extraordinary but a very nice ending to the entire feast. I must definitely recommend Arizona Grill if you want an affordable fancy food experience. That’s where you’ll find me, come Ramzan.