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Andersen’s: Danish Ice Cream in the Heart of Lahore

Andersen’s of Denmark – better known as just Andersen’s – is a chain of ice-cream parlors that uses premium ingredients like Australian dairy and rich Belgian chocolate. It has certainly won many hearts in Lahore because of the quality of their products. It was originally established in 1978 in California under the name of “The Great Danish Cone Company” and used the family’s traditional recipes and techniques. Now they have outlets in many countries around the world including Australia, Singapore, and China.


In a Nutshell:
  • A Danish franchise, for local tastebuds
  • Retro throwbacks playlist
  • Nostalgic experiences for bored millennials
Pro Tips:
  • Try their Danish nougat flavor
  • Steer clear of the bubblegum flavor
  • Family friendly



On Khayaban-e-Iqbal in the DHA area, Andersen’s has a beautiful outlet that I cross almost every day. Until recently I never really found an opportunity to stop by, but when I had a particularly strong craving for ice cream a few days ago, I couldn’t help but fasten my seat belt and head down to the place. I had also heard a lot about the music they play in this particular branch. Their playlist consists of songs from the 2005-13 era and includes major hits like Sexyback (Justin Timberlake), You’re Beautiful (James Blunt), Somebody’s Me (Enrique) and even Tick Tock (Ke$ha). I could sing quality karaoke to every single one of them; even without being under the influence.





Once inside, I was impressed by the range of flavors Andersen’s offers. The crowd favorites, as per the staff, are the Danish Nougat and Belgian Chocolate. I got a scoop of the latter on a waffle cone, and a scoop of Bubble Gum flavored ice-cream in a cup. It looked so pretty in their display that I just decided to experiment a little. They have an assortment of toppings that you can choose from like fruits, candies, nuts, and syrups. I added rainbow sprinkles to the Bubble Gum and diced almonds to the Belgian Chocolate.


The chocolate ice cream was amazing; so deliciously creamy. The diced almonds added a great contrast to its smooth consistency. The waffle cone was also fantastic: fresh and crunchy. Unfortunately, while Andersen’s Belgian Chocolate ice cream is a thing to be savored, the same cannot be said about the Bubble Gum flavor. It tasted less like the nostalgic childhood candy I had anticipated and more like strong mints. I know it may sound weird but it felt as though I was eating really, really cold toothpaste.


Apart from the ice creams, Andersen’s also offers a variety of desserts and drinks, like the molten lava cake, brownies, and shakes. It may be a bit more expensive than local ice cream retailers like Chaman, at PKR 300 for a single scoop.




It is definitely a place to visit when you want to some throwbacks and enjoy some of the best chocolate ice-cream you can find in Lahore.


Andersen’s Ice cream, DHA, +92322 9998880




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