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Alternative Yogurt: Changing Cultures

The past two years saw nut-milks (mylks) transition from being a niche dietary substitute to mainstream ubiquity. This year, plant-based yogurts are poised towards the same trajectory. Big players are already dipping spoons within the market of alternative yogurts. That’s yogurt for cool kids. Greek-style consistency with vegan-style specifications.



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Early on in the game, those without gluten and dairy sensitivities were not inclined to consume plant-based dairy. The long-story-short of this would be that there was little appeal in drinking nut flavored milk. It’s understandably hard to resist a tall glass of half-and-half. However, in recent years several brands have struck the balance between healthy and delicious. Plant-based dairy is now almost indulgent.


Lately, there has been a shift in how we approach food. There is an increased concern over the environmental impact of the food we consume and whether or not it is sourced mindfully. The market demand is driven by health-conscious millennials. We’re chill, fun, and far less likely to define “milk” as a dairy product exclusively. Pair that with the desire to experiment and a willingness to shell out cold hard cash for the latest in gastronomic innovations. That’s the perfect storm.


Probiotics are finally having their moment in the Sun. Gut-friendly food has emerged as an overarching theme for 2018’s food trends. While there’s no denying the exotic appeal of kimchi and kombucha, yogurt is the OG. If you couple that with the guilt-less decadence of coconut derived dairy then I speak for all millennials when I say that I’m already sold.


Pakistan is generally a little slow when it comes to absorbing new food trends. I still have a hard time sourcing nut-milk from a standard grocery store. Do not be surprised if you have to wait a hot minute to find alternative yogurt in your local Al-Fatah. If you are residing beyond the boot-shaped motherland you’re in luck. With major waves in the probiotic scene expect to be spoilt for choice.



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