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al hamd2 - Al Hamd Merath Kabab House: Katakat or Takatak?

Al Hamd Merath Kabab House: Katakat or Takatak?

TL;DR: When I say I want katakat, what I mean is, drive me to Al Hamd Merath Kabab House. No questions asked.



The Best Katakat in Town


Let’s begin with stating the obvious, Al Hamd Merath Kaba House is the best spot to get katakat in Karachi. Situated in Gulshan e Iqbal, on the University road, it does not have a formal dining area. Patrons need to score their spot on the plastic tables and chairs, that line the footpath of the main road. On most days I have dinner prepped for my family, but sometimes I simply don’t feel like cooking. Recently, my husband and I couldn’t decide on something to order in which we both wanted. Eventually, we agreed upon Al Hamd Merath Kaba House, primarily for katakat, and we drove there.







A Bit About


Katakat is a mixture of organs, mainly liver, heart, kidneys, brain and sometimes even testicles. The word katakat is actually the sound made by cooking utensils as the strike the cooking girdle. It is prepared on a high flame, with a number of spices and seasonings added to the organs, which makes them a delectable delight to consume. The organs are broken down into tiniest bits and pieces, almost resembling a mince.




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Frequent Diner Perks


Despite the fact that Al Hamd Merath Kabab House caters mutton karahi and barbequed delicacies, we only frequent it for it unmatched katakat. Katakat gets cooked quite swiftly which is why it never takes a lot of time for us to dine there. It’s desi fast food at its finest.

That night, we were lucky to find the spot a little less crowded than usual. We quickly ordered two servings of katakat and sat quietly waiting for our meal. The ocean breeze clung in the night air, which made the climate bearable. We were seated by the footpath, with vehicles rushing past us on the main road. Our meal was served to us by our usual guy, with whom we always prefer to place our order. He recognizes us as regulars and always makes sure that our meal is flawless and tasty.

The katakat looked irresistible with cilantro and julienned ginger garnished on it. We broke pieces of warm chapati with our hands and began eating our portions. The chapatis of Al Hamd Merath Kebab House are the lightest and softest in town. You could easily gobble down three chapatis, especially while having their appetizing plate of katakat. We ate silently, relishing each bite and sipping from our cans of soda.

The aroma of charcoal grilled malai botis that day was so pleasurable we ended up ordering it to go. Their mutton karahi is also a toothsome delight, we prefer it over the famous koyla karahi places. We walked out with our wallet, stomachs and heart’s content.