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AI - Afridi Inn: Echoes of Namak Mandi

Afridi Inn: Echoes of Namak Mandi

Welcome to the metropolis of Karachi, where different cuisines coexist in perfect harmony. Have you been craving authentic Namak Mandi Karahi and Peshawari Boti recently? Here you’ll find no one, not two, but multiple outlets of Afridi Inn, to satisfy your hunger.

Afridi Inn is an all-time favorite of Karachi locals in search for exquisitely cooked, traditional namak mandi foods. Established by the Afridi family, this chain has enjoyed growing popularity over the years. Afridi Inn has expanded to six locations, not just because of taste but because of their consistent quality.

The first Afridi Inn is at Port Grand, this was followed by two outlets near Millenium Mall. There is now one opposite Dolmen Mall, Clifton. There is a small outlet near the Highway and another one in the North Nazimabad region. Needless to say, they have the city covered.



The setup in each location is pretty much the same; outdoor seating, casual indoor seating, and a family hall. No frills, no fuss. Nothing too fancy here. The main attraction is the food and it surpasses any other Peshawari eatery in the city. The menu isn’t too extensive but covers all of the basics.

The menu starts off with Karahi that is available in mutton, lamb and chicken variations. All three are further divided into suleimani, white, brown or good ol’ classic. The karahi is my go-to at Afridi Inn, and no other spot in the city comes close. For guests wanting to enjoy meatless dishes, they have multiple daals, authentic Kabuli pulao, and palak paneer. They also have many options to choose from for handi and katakat.

The dishes are cooked exactly the way one would want such cuisines to be. The recipes are authentic, and while many patrons want it to be spicier I appreciate their classic renditions. The meats are chargrilled to perfection, never burnt nor undercooked. In the mood for bbq? Get some tikkas, botis, and chops, fresh off the grill.

Their ribs are an in-house specialty and they also have a unique dish called Butta Tikka. The Butta Tikka is a dish that comprises of small bite-sized pieces of mutton liver, wrapped in fat and marinated overnight, before being cooked directly on a coal fire. Although it may sound too heavy or greasy, it melts in your mouth. It’s absolutely bursting with flavor.

Afridi Inn offers an amazing casual baithak experience, with their outdoor seating consisting of charpayis. My bias for Afridi Inn stems from my adoration of namkeen food and salans. If you’re anything like me, Afridi Inn is a place you must visit.


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