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Aena Tasty

Aena Tasty and The Humble Club Sandwich

Aena Tasty is a casual little fast food spot located in the Sector B Commercial Market within Askari 11. It is a Mom-n-Pop with a small menu and a few specials, much like every other eatery in the vicinity. I’m a sucker for club-sandwiches and their rendition of the ol’ reliable is one of the most consistently good ones that I’ve had. 


The Briefest Menu

The menu is short and sweet: four kinds of burgers, two types of sandwiches, three options in wraps and shwarmas and five pizza flavors. The food has a subtle home-made, desi vibe to it that one might put down as unappealing when it comes to burgers and sandwiches. I’m not faulting anyone, I’m exactly the same.

I initially tried their beef burger as a potential substitute for my Home Grown addiction. It was ghastly. The only way to describe this patty would be bone dry af, the af is simply to get my point across. The fact that it was seasoned like a chapli kebab didn’t even register because I was so distracted by the sawdust texture in my mouth.



Luckily, I hadn’t pinned all of my hopes and dreams on this burger and had ordered a club sandwich as a backup. I love club sandwiches simply because there’s very little that can go wrong. Simultaneously, there is so much room for things to go right. Previous contenders for the best club sandwich in the city after Gogo Restaurant, of course, included Rina’s Kitchenette and B.Y.O.B. The club sandwich at Aena Tasty takes the cake.


Club Sandwich Story

The recipe for assembling a club sandwich is a classic but it’s more about the individual ingredients just working well together. Aena Tasty makes them work. Let me try and describe their sandwich to the best of my abilities. The bread is buttered and toasted with an even layer of mustard and mayonnaise on the inside. The lettuce is never wilted or overindulged. The cucumbers and tomatoes add a little something so I don’t even feel the urge to toss them out. The chicken is delicious and not completely emulsified into a paste, which is great. My favorite bit is that they add a half fried egg to it and I don’t know about you but I don’t mind a runny yolk. I don’t mind at all. Pair that with their coleslaw and crinkle cut fries and your girl is golden. It’s me, I’m your girl. 


The Verdict

Over the course of a few months, I went across the entirety of the brief menu at Aena Tasty. There isn’t a single burger I’d recommend and I have a stinking suspicion that they reuse oil within an inch of its life. So that’s a no to their zinger burger, wrap, and shwarma. No zinger guys. However, if there’s one thing I’ll vouch for and keep going back for, it’s their club sandwich. Perhaps the best in the city. Change my mind if you can. I look forward to being proven wrong but it’s rather unlikely.  



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