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The Charcoal + Gravel Ethos


Who We Are

Charcoal + Gravel is a web application that showcases handpicked content from the world of food, travel and activities. Our signature city guides explore the culture, history and people that make each destination unique. We bring candid, experiential reviews for millennials, tourists, locals, and their mums and dads too.


Our Story

C+G started out as a thought experiment in the early days of 2017. We wanted to reimagine the work of food and travel writers, and how it is consumed. We empower the people capturing moments of personal and cultural significance and help our readers connect with that experience. A photo-essay detailing the emotional journey of a photographer will often find space next to a sassy take-down of a lackluster food establishment. Our creative team comes together with a burning desire to be honest and intimate. We believe that our brand is only as strong as the people who constitute it: if they have something promising to offer, we don’t mind taking credit for it.   


Our Values

Our company ethos is one of inclusivity. We are an equal-opportunity employer and welcome people into our team regardless of age, gender, disability, religion, ethnicity, marital status and sexual orientation. We believe that real growth comes from fostering an environment where the exchange of ideas is possible and we encourage this though a democratic, non-hierarchical approach to agenda-setting and decision-making.