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Two Women and A Piece of Cake

I often dream of owning a bakery of my own. A quaint shop where patrons are treated like family. There’s just one foreseeable problem with my plan; I think I’ll end up eating more than I’ll be selling. While my dreams remain on a back burner, for the time being, I’ve come across a shop that’s actually doing what I’ve been dreaming of. I can’t help but applaud the two women behind A Piece of Cake.

Standing amidst a row of shops in X-Block, DHA, A Piece of Cake adds a wonderful pop of color in a sea of grey. I found out about this bakery through Facebook. A book reading session was being hosted at the venue, and since I’m always up for trying new things, I decided to check it out with my husband.

Upon entering the shop we were immediately blown away by the ambiance and the vibe of this quirky shop. The bakery covers very little floor space and has recently added another floor to accommodate patrons. The ground floor is divided into two parts; the left side is for dining while the right side is for lounging. The main wall is decorated with vibrant vintage prints and photos. The counter is done up with curious elements, the kind you can find at Haroon’s.

Their first floor looks like the attic studio of some artist’s home.  They have Afghan floor mats with floor cushions and bean bags, stools and DIY tables that can be re-arranged to facilitate different sessions and meetings.

The menu has ample choices for both sweet and savory. It took us a solid fifteen minutes to decide what to order because everything looked too good to pass on. Luckily, the owners manage the counter and they’re both super helpful and friendly. They recommended that we order banana bread, a chocolate malt tart, and a fudge brownie.

Their banana bread turned out to be super moist; a must-have for my tea time ever since discovering it. The malt tart proved to be husbands favorite and he didn’t let me have more than a bite of it. Their fudge brownie was the star of the show for me and I devoured it within seconds. What I like most about their products is the balance of flavor. Nothing was too sweet and everything simply melted in my mouth. A Piece of Cake also stocks fresh salads and saucy sandwiches. The daily special varies but the quality is consistent. Coffee and tea are up for offer as well.

What makes this shop different from other bakeries is that the first floor is used as a venue for various activities. Open-mics, poetry slams, book reading and music nights are held every week. The ladies behind the bakery are full of passion and love for what they do, and it shows. They make running a thriving bakery look like a piece of cake.