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8 Chill Beats To Keep Your Roza In Check

About 20 rozas in, and we’re not feeling very festive. Our feng shui, is a bit.. off.


Maybe it’s the dietary restrictions, maybe it’s the fake and newfound spirituality, or maybe it’s the weak piece of sh*t we also know as ‘self-restraint’. There’s a whole lot of maybes here, but there’s one definitely: it’s bloody hot, and it ain’t getting better any time soon.



Lahore Weather June

Buckle up, because this week is about to blow.
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Music supplements all moods. You could be hungry, happy, sad, frustrated or even PMSing- music has got your back.



Specifically, our music has got your back.

The Playlist


We’re going to ease you in with some easy listening, and add some funky sh*t, bit by bit as we progress. By the time you’re done with this, you’ll be in awe of our playlist curation skills, or will be mid-existential crisis. Both outcomes serve as good if not great distractions.


Check out C+G’s 8 essential tunes to stick it to the roza, Halal style:



#1: The Mood Setter





Some old school vibes from The Bamboos to help kick-start your morning with a hum or two. The Australian band sure knows soul music, and the funk certainly helps.



#2: For The Patient Jazz Enthusiast




Takuya Kuroda– damn, what a guy. This take on Roy Ayers Ubiquity’s 1976 track by the same name with Jose James, a renowned jazz and hip-hop vocalist, has all the right trumpet feels.



#3 The Mellow Singalong




TOPS is sentimental, nostalgic, and easy on the ears. Best classified as indie-rock, the five member band is based out of Quebec, and is currently touring all over Europe. You’ll be singing along in no time.



#4 The Discovery




Bastien Keb is relatively new to the music scene. A voice like Bon Iver blended with an orchestra-like vibe- we’re already smitten. Once you’re done memorizing his melancholic lyrics, you’ll be the ‘sensitive’ friend everyone secretly envies.



 #5 The Transition





We had to interrupt your lovey-dovey mood and mix it up at this point. We took it slow though, so you should be okay. This track by Sudanese artist Sinkane breaks it up for you, with a heavy, heady bassline sure to make you bob your head and move just right.

#6 Revamped Old School





Arguably one of most popular Tame Impala tracks in recent memory, The Less I Know The Better was always gonna make this list. Perfect for backseat driving and extended eye contact when you’re grooving. Because who doesn’t love some Tame Impala?


#7 The XX Feels




Another new entrant, Nilufer Yanya is a prime example of enunciated lyrics with slow, progressive acoustics. While it’s technically pop, the London based artist puts her own island twist in the mix, and… damn. Check it out for yourself.



#8 The “OMG I Love This Song”




You play Roll Back for yourself and you’re already sold; the build up, the lyrics, the smooth electronica. It doesn’t get better than this, and even if everyone’s heard this several million times already, George FitzGerald keeps you coming back for more. It’s sure to get some pulses racing, even if we’re all trying to be Halal (this time around).



Rap Up


There you go, 8 beats to keep your inner demons at bay during this holy month. We hope you enjoy listening to them, because we sure did. And if you like them, feel free to give us a shout out by sharing this list with your friends.


Music keeps the world sane y’all. Stay tuned for more.


And if this list doesn’t tickle your fancy, check out our guide to Ramzan (minus the food) for more ways to occupy your weary mind.


Shameel finds himself being careless when trying to be carefree and eating nuggets when he wants to be fat-free. He’s an ‘overall picture’ kinda guy even though he seems to want to micromanage people taking out the trash. You’ll probably find him starry-eyed in the conference room, still explaining a ‘revolutionary’ idea that was shot down last week.

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