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ugly 2 - 5 Beef Burgers You Should Forget About

5 Beef Burgers You Should Forget About

We had to do it. Once we had put out our list of the most eligible burgers of Lahore, we had to call out the ugly ducklings too. I’m not very excited to write this, but we gotta do what we gotta do. Here’s my list of 5 beef burgers in Lahore you should forget about, STAT.


The Shack: NY Classic Burger


the shack - 5 Beef Burgers You Should Forget About

Talking Points: Unwanted crunch, Beauty without brains


I will admit that the pictures that The Shack has up on social media look tantalizing. In fact, that’s the only thing that roped me in. The NY Classic at The Shack is a desi burger thinly veiled as an American staple. Chewy, salty, and even slightly smelly, this one is a hard pass. Oh, and I found bone fragments in my burger. At least they didn’t charge extra.



Meat the Cheese: Chipotle Bee-Eff-Eff Burger


bee eff eff - 5 Beef Burgers You Should Forget About

Talking Points: Simply putty


My recent review of Meat the Cheese was mostly positive. The Chipotle Bee-Eff-Eff, a social media acclaimed new entrant was also under the microscope, and it irks me to say that people have either been lying or Meat the Cheese was having a catastrophic time in the kitchen on the day of my review. Shami kebabs — and I kid you not — have more bite than this burger. Pasty with a mayo-based sauce that was anything but chipotle, I would be wary.



Big Moe’s Diner: Big Moe’s Sliders


mig boes - 5 Beef Burgers You Should Forget About

Talking Points: What’s that smell?


I will say that I had been warned about the iffiness of these sliders before I even set foot in Big Moe’s Diner, but I’m a stubborn guy. But I learned that chicken rashers are a terrible choice of topping and that there are significant ways to f*ck up fried chicken and beef patties. Bland, sloppy, and smelly, Big Moe’s Sliders shook me up in all the wrong ways. They’re a ‘Signature Dish’, mind you. Serves me right I guess?




BLVD 56: Smokey X-Factor Burger


blvd56 - 5 Beef Burgers You Should Forget About

Talking Points: Would you like naan with that?


I don’t think there’s anything more disappointing than a burger that looks scrumptious but tastes like pure garbage (we’ve all been there). BLVD 56 makes sure you prepare for a great time but it’s all talk, no action. Their Smokey X-Factor is a sloppy tease, and then some. As Purnea aptly puts it, it tastes exactly like “Shan Chapli Kebab Masala.” Not really what I’m looking for in a burger, if I may be so candid.



Burger 105: The Old School


beef burger

Talking points: Agree to disagree


While we do trust Imaad’s urger related wisdom, on some occasions we must put our foot down. Burger 105 is as inconsistent as a burger experience can get and on most days their burger rides the fine line between chapli kebab and basic patty. No amount of barbeque sauce can mask the desiness of their beef patty, yet their heavy-handedness with sauces suggests that they think it helps. Burger 105 has our office divided, so feel free to send in your opinions to sway us.


Got a problem with our list? We’re all for constructive criticism.



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