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24 Wall Street Pizza

24 Wall Street Pizza: Hotter than a Fantasy

24 Wall Street Pizza is yet another affordable Pizza place. It is located in Johar Town as well as Gulberg III. I had ordered in from 24 Wall Street Pizza a few times before writing this review. However, this was the first time that I was going to dine in.

[divider]C+G Breakdown[/divider]
in a nutshell:
  • A bare bones pizza joint
  • Service speed could be better
  • Quiet (empty) spot
Pro Tips:
  • Takeout over dine in
  • Careful of the spice
  • Don’t expect a five star dining experience

The establishment is located in the basement of Center Point Plaza. There isn’t much to it, as it is very simply designed. It has red and black booths set up in a small dining hall for its patrons.

I settled down and was handed the menu. Apart from pizza, the place offers wings, fries, nuggets and sandwiches. I ordered one of their deals, that included a 500ml drink and a thin crust, hand-tossed pizza slice. The deal amounted to PKR 350.

There was only one person serving the tables so it took some time for the food to get to my table but the environment was nice and quiet. I was really comfortable sitting there chatting away with my sister. The hall has two sections, one is for families and the other is for solo men. Surprisingly the boys sitting in the other section were very quiet as well. This, my friends, is an anomaly.

24 Wall Street PizzaOnce we were served our order, I felt my excitement return to me. I had ordered hot and spicy pizza with pepperoni and jalapeno toppings. While cutting through the pizza, I noticed how very stringy the cheese was. The first bite made it clear that it was definitely hot and really spicy. Good thing they had garlic powder and chili flakes placed on the tables. Many slight high end pizza places forget that these are necessary items that should be served with pizza. Manhattan Bites and Broadway Pizza take note.

The garlic powder helped tame the spice a little. Although I was still full from the snacks that I had earlier in the evening, I couldn’t help it and finished the whole thing. The crust was thin and soft. The cheese was a flowy, creamy dream that was heated to perfection. The sausages didn’t seem to have much flavor to them but they added a nice bite to the texture of the pizza. There were bits of spicy chicken under the cheese that made the meal seem more of a spice challenge but the right kind of challenge, mind you. The jalapenos were fresh and hot. The menu did not explain what size the parent pizza was, but I guess it came from a 21 inch pizza.

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The utensils were clean. The service was very impressive. The atmosphere was calm and quiet. The food was filling and did absolute justice to the price. I would highly recommend giving 24 Wall Street Pizza a try. However, in my opinion, take away or getting the food delivered would be a better option than dining in. 

Positive, optimistic, a foodie and just a little old school nerdy perhaps. If Keziah wasn’t a writer, she would have definitely been an archaeologist given her massive interest in ancient ruins.

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