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Oatmeal chocolate chip skillet cookie photo - 114 by Insomnia Kitchen: All Out, All Night, Alright

114 by Insomnia Kitchen: All Out, All Night, Alright

Located in a cozy corner of Model Towns Bank Square, 114 by Insomnia Kitchen will cater to all of your diverse late night cravings. And when I say late, I mean late; think 4 AM. Whether you’re working late, jonesing for a late-night delight, or on your way back from another one-dish valima (come on, how much pulao and korma can one eat?!), these insomniacs are the answer.

My first visit to 114 by Insomnia Kitchen was triggered by one of the aforementioned scenarios. My friends were over for a sleepover and we got hungry, as one does. Instead of our usual McDonald’s run, we decided to check out the newly opened 114 by Insomnia Kitchen.

First Impression

At first glance, the wood-dominated interior is warm and inviting, as is the staff. The playlist was pretty great, not only setting the right mood for our dining experience but also giving the restaurant an authentic personality. Dean Martin played overhead as our server arrived with the menus. There was no holding back.

Order Up

Our order consisted of Mulligatawny Soup, Wild Wild Wings, Sriracha Cheese Fries, Burrito Bowl, Sticky Date Pudding and a Cookie Skillet; carbs on carbs. We were recommended the option of buttery rice with our Burrito Bowl and we went with it. It proved to be the best advice we’d ever taken. Our food arrived within minutes


Mulligatawny Soup

Served in the cutest charcoal pot with a lemon wedge on the side, the Mulligatawny Soup arrived piping hot, with a twist! The insomniacs have put their own version of croutons in the soup which came as a crunchy surprise and paired perfectly with the rustic flavors making it, quite literally, soup for the soul.

Wild Wild Wings

When it comes to wings, the key is in the coating and the 114 by Insomnia Kitchen nailed it! The sauce was thick in consistency and lathered perfectly on every inch of the wing. The taste was a fine balance of sweet and spicy and the meat fell right off the bone as we bit into it. As soon as we were done wiping the evidence off our hands and shirt… our Sriracha Cheese Fries arrived.

Sriracha Cheese Fries

The wedges arrived covered with cheese and jalapenos; top marks for not using boxed fries. The cheese topping wasn’t too dense and didn’t stick to the roof of my mouth, which was great. The fries weren’t overwhelmed by the cheesy topping and individual flavors had the chance to shine; potato, tangy jalapenos and the warm cheese sauce.

Burrito Bowl

If comfort food had an ambassador, this would be it. The corn, beans, chicken, onions, and sauces all combined to create a perfect symphony in my mouth. The vegetables, chicken, and rice itself are all perfectly tender and the butter added depth of flavor. Oh, the underestimated power of a knob of butter. With ample quantity, the Burrito Bowl was a hug that kept on giving – a definite must try.

Sticky Date Pudding

On to the dessert. A cake like structure with a thick sauce slathered on all four sides, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with a web of caramel fluff. A true treat for all serious dessert lovers. The sticky date sauce coupled with the moist pudding was a rich bite, offset by the subtle vanilla ice cream which almost acted as a palette cleanser.

Cookie Skillet

This is the one dish I wanted to devour all on my own. The pan arrived with an over-sized sizzling hot cookie, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Once I broke into the cookie, there was no stopping me. The cookie was crunchy on the outside with an inside that genuinely melted in my mouth. The hint of chocolate chips was felt like a faint texture as it’s blended perfectly with the flavors of the buttery cookie and ice cream served on top which is cons blended and melted into the crevices of the cookie. Each bite was heaven.


With the strangely convenient timings of 8 PM till 4 AM, this restaurant has so much going for it; Great ambiance, music, and most of all, food. Also, guess what the best part is? You can all this delivered to your doorstep, any time of night… you’re welcome.